I’m currently working on looking at my beauty in terms of my character, and not on how I look. I think for a long time I placed so much of my beauty on my looks and what I was wearing.Thinking like this doesn’t help me because I’ve realized that even when I thought I looked “beautiful”, I was still critical of myself and I still felt “ugly. So from today onward I have made the conscious decision to do something different. I say affirmations about other qualities of myself and tell myself that I am much more than the beauty standards that have been set for me by society. This has to be one of the biggest lessons that I am learning to date. I am learning that most people will look at your looks and define you by that, but there is much more to me than my looks and if someone fails to see this it has nothing to do with me. Finding beauty on the inside and really getting in touch with my soul is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. Let’s do this together!


I am beautiful on the inside

I am learning

I am wonderful


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I have said this before to my friends and family, but it is finally time to start healing and letting go. This is the year where I will continue on the lifelong journey of forgiving those that have hurt me and forgiving myself for the hurt that I have inflicted on others. It is time for me to move with my life and finally become the person that I am supposed to be. Forgiveness is essential to growth and I cannot continue to grow if I do not learn to forgive others. I have to become the best version of myself and this will begin when I learn how to love other unconditionally without any hatred in my soul. It is time for  me to let go so that I can finally become the best version of myself. I have to move on and allow myself to heal. This is going to be the hardest thing for me to achieve. I recognize that by forgiving others and myself, I will be doing what has been asked of me as a human being. I will also be taking care of myself and learning to move on with my life. It is time for me to be the best person that I can be. It is time for me to move on and let go. It is time for me to finally allow myself to have the peace of mind that I deserve.

I am learning

I am growing

I am healing

Thank you for reading. Until next time

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