I never used to understand why I always heard people say that love starts with self  because for many years I never had a good relationship with myself. I always thought that someone would enter my life and show me what love meant. This thinking stopped when I learned about self love.Self love is one of the hardest and most challenging things I have had to conquer. I had to get to a place where I realized that I was worth the hard work. I had to learn that I was worth being kind to myself and was quite deserving of it. I started by changing the way that I spoke to myself. I realized that I deserved to be spoken to the same way I speak to other people. I speak to other people with kindness and respect, so why shouldn’t I speak to myself in the exact same way? I am as much of a person as everyone else and I truly deserve to treat myself with love and respect. I stopped calling myself stupid,dumb,etc and starting focusing on my positive qualities. This is much easier said than done, don’t get me wrong for as the saying goes “old habits die hard”. It took a lot of time to stop speaking to myself this way and to be honest, I still struggle with it some days. I have days where I have to tell myself “please don’t speak to me like that” because I know that i don’t deserve to be spoken to with disrespect, especially from myself because I live in me and if I don’t have a healthy relationship with myself, how can I have a healthy relationship with other people. Everyday I make the commitment to love and truly honor who I am as a person.

I am in love with myself

I value myself

I am learning about myself each and everyday

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I think that one of the problems that we have in this society is that we are all in such a rush. Everyone is in a rush to find the love of their lives,graduate from college, you name it. We live in such a go go society and if for some reason we don’t meet this timeline, we begin to believe that there is something wrong with us. This is why I created this blog! I want to create a platform where I can open up about myself and allow myself to be seen. I am currently on the life long journey of self discovery through self love. This is a personal journey where I will learn how to live in accordance to my own rules and learn how to manage myself better so I can become the woman I am intended to be. Come along this journey with me!

I am learning

I am growing

I am becoming


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